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Meet the Wroyal Family

Make the right move with Wroyal DJ Company

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Wroyal The DJ, Founder


Wroyal the DJ is one of the DMV's most sought after female DJ's.  She has been wrockin' dance floors for nearly a decade and has a passion for providing clients with a unique, professional DJ experience defined as "The Wroyal Treatment".  She and the "Wroyal Family" are the perfect Party DJ's!!!   They bring the party wrapped in professionalism, drippin' with class, and energy that is unmatched.     

DJ Blakberri


The "blaker" the berri the sweeter the music".  DJ Blakberri has got the juice when it comes to reading dance floors.  

DJ Queen Spade


DJ Queen Spade reigns supreme when it comes to understanding the power of music.  Her friendly, energetic personality combined with her love of music has the power to transform any dance floor.  

DJ Curley Sue


DJ Curley Sue prides herself in curating memorable experiences where you can expect to feel an elevated sense of unity and inspiration through music.

DJ Cookie

wroyal_2618 1.jpg

DJ Cookie brings the flavor when it comes to cookin' up the best mixes  of tunes and grooves.  Her high energy and love of music is always a treat!

DJ Battle


DJ Battle drops the bombs...  Pound for pound one of the DMV's heavy hitters.  He brings the sounds that will have you and your guest shaking the ground.  

DJ D Spade


Providing the perfect soundtrack for your perfect day!  DJ Spade is the move if you're looking for a DJ who is energetic, engaging, and entertaining.  He's got the skills to thrill any event.

Aladdin Da Prince


TURN UP!!!  No really!  Aladdin Da Prince of the airways isn't just a DJ, he is the DMV's official Turn-Up Ambassador.  Oh but of course he brings the smooth, if thats what you choose.

DJ Popkorn


Smiles, energy, and tons of fun, DJ Popkorn is a crowd favorite.  He can fill a dance floor faster than Kernals under pressure.  He always brings the heat  that keeps the dance floor poppin'.

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